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Doing what you love and Traveling the world

I am super proud and grateful to present you my very first appearance on a Podcast! I had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Alberto Sardinas for his podcast #PassionAccomplished.

During the interview, I share my background in figure skating, my passion for traveling and all about how KarmaKin was born – on top of sharing my humble life experiences and learnings on personal growth and entrepreneurship.

Here’s the intro of my episode written by Alberto himself.

”Can you imagine making money doing exactly what you love? How about being able to travel at any moment without interrupting your income? Claudia Baillargeon has accomplished precisely this, with her fitness company Karmakin. Alberto had an eye-opening conversation with Claudia, who is based in Montreal, Canada, and is a figure skater, world traveler, “solopreneur” and fitness coach. A must-listen conversation with someone who has turned her biggest passion into her amazing way of living.”

I would be so grateful if you could listen to our episode, share it and subscribe to Alberto’s podcast for inspiring content daily. You can also follow him on Instagram (@albertoishere).

I LOVE connecting with people who want to make this world a better place. I really hope my story will inspire you one way or another. Thanks for giving me your feedback!

To listen on: Spotify (episode 28) , iTunes (episode 28), YouTube .

Coach Claudia