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A planned night for a productive tomorrow

Did you know that your way of finishing the day has a huge influence on your productivity the next day ?!

Indeed, actions taken in the hour before going to sleep can affect our sleep in a positive or negative way. And who says bad night’s sleep says a rather difficult day the next day!

Studies show it more and more; a lack of sleep and most importantly, a lack of QUALITY sleep can lead to a decrease of energy, a lack of concentration, uncontrollable cravings for sweet and processed foods, additional stress, a lack of motivation, a depressed state, a drop in libido, and much more! All of this means that your day-to-day productivity is affected and you do far less than you would want on a personal or professional level during your day. It is therefore essential to implement concrete strategies to ensure that you have a good quality of sleep and most of these strategies can actually be implemented within the hour before going to sleep.

Here they are :

– NO SCREENS minimum one hour before going to bed! The blue light of computer screens, tablets or phones sends a signal to the brain as if we were in broad daylight and had to stay awake.
– If you eat at the end of the evening, be sure to choose foods that do not affect your digestion. Some foods that are sugary or processed take more time and effort to digest and can affect sleep. Choose whole foods that come from nature.
– Empty your mind! Having trouble falling asleep because your hamster runs 100 miles an hour in your head is often quite common; take some time to meditate for a few minutes before sleeping and make a hand-written list of everything that comes in your head when it’s time to go to bed.
– Keep your room cold and black. We always sleep better when the temperature of the room is not too hot (around 18-19 degrees seems ideal) and when it’s completely dark in the room.
– If necessary, take a magnesium supplement before going to bed which can help with muscle relaxation and sleep.



Speaking of productivity, here is a little bonus trick to do in the evening to boost your performance the next day.

Choose and write in a notebook the three priority tasks that you absolutely want to accomplish the next day at work or in your business that will allow you to maintain a momentum of productivity day after day and thus, help you progress steadily in your profession – no matter how the rest of your day goes. These are 3 ‘non-negotiables’ to absolutely accomplish to make sure you progress everyday in your job.

A winning and productive day begins with the evening routine the day before. I strongly recommend that you test these little tricks for a more recuperative sleep and a more productive tomorrow.

Coach Claudia