KarmaKin Challenge

Propel your professional life by
optimizing your personal health.


Assessment and Awareness

Completion of questionnaires and initial virtual meeting with your coach to establish the state of your current situation in the different aspects of your life which have an influence on your professional success and your overall health.

Game Plan

According to the observations made in the first step, establishment of a 3-month adjustable game plan to allow you to improve and optimize your lifestyle by working on your different priorities.


Coaching done through a weekly virtual call as well as through the mobile application. Tight follow-ups and regular adjustments to ensure the achievement of your goals. Your coach accompanies you in improving your daily habits (nutrition, training, stress management, sleep, productivity, energy, etc.).

What is included:

  • Custom support by the presence and proximity of your coach
  • Important education on how to be active and eat properly
  • Guidelines and tools to improve your productivity and boost your energy
  • Tight weekly follow-ups for your entire process
  • Weekly tasks and goals to accomplish and personal growth process
  • Participation in the KarmaKin community; sharing and support of its members
  • Duration: 3 months

249$ per month for 3 months




The KarmaKin Challenge is a complete 3-month journey dedicated specifically to professionals who want to improve their energy and their productivity, to optimize their life balance and to reduce their stress, all of which to have more success professionally.

The KarmaKin Challenge gives you the opportunity to become aware of your current life situation and establish progressive goals to bring you to your optimal health to reach a higher level of personal and professional fulfillment.

Your coach is committed to guide you step by step in acquiring healthy lifestyle habits related to nutrition, active lifestyle, but also to KarmaKin’s philosophy which takes into account additional factors that have an influence on your health. For example, you will get education through tips and tools that you can use to improve your sleep, to better manage your stress, to optimize your daily productivity, to better build your schedule, to boost your energy, to work on your personal development, etc.

You will be encouraged to bring some progressive sustainable changes to your life that will really have an impact on your success and your health. The optimal duration of 3 months ensures you beneficial changes in your lifestyle and KarmaKin community will be present to support you in your personal journey.

3 months of pushing yourself, achieving your goals and being proud of propelling your overall health and your professional success to a higher level!


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