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Why I’m a big fan of minimalism

I am close to my money; I admit it. I’m the kind of person who thinks everything is too expensive, who will pick a meal at a restaurant just for its cheaper price and who will be happy to save 2$ on something at the pharmacy. I was never a big spender and always thought twice (or 3, 4 times) before making a purchase. Other than a few exceptions, I never buy clothes at their full price and I keep my clothes as long as I can! 80% of time, I wear 20% of the clothes I have and if my 10 year-old winter coat still does the job, I don’t see the point of buying a new one! You get the idea.

I wasn’t always like that though; in my teenage years, I also wanted lululemon clothes and parasuco jeans. At not even 18 years old, I decided to lease a brand new flashy sports car. But when you get older and especially when you travel, you realize that all of this is more than often a waste. For a year and half, I lived with my life in a suitcase. Litterally. Everything I owned weighed less than 23 kgs. I wore the same clothes and shoes, no makeup or jewelry for a year and a half. And I never felt like something was missing; a minimum was always plenty. Material stuff is so secondary! When you travel and invest your money in adventures, discoveries, activities with friends, the 50$ shirt becomes less and less tempting. With 50$, you can do so much more! You can invest in experiences far more fulfilling that you will actually remember in 20-30 years. That shirt… not sure you’ll remember it by then and if you actually do, it won’t be with the same emotions.

You don’t need anything in life. If we can’t be happy without a brand new car, a Michael Kors purse, a huge house with way too many rooms or a pair of 150$ sunglasses, I sincerely think that there’s a problem. It’s when you have nothing but yourself and that you’re still happy that you can honestly say that things are good, your life is fulfilled and based on real core values and not superficial temporary stuff.

I’m not saying we should stop spending and stop treating ourselves with that nice pair of shoes we’ve been wanting for months. I just think that if we would all be a little more mindful about our material consomption, we could get great benefits and use our savings for things and experiences that are really worth it. Society influences us to buy and spend money we don’t even have on the brand new iPhone that we apparently ABSOLUTELY need or that brand new fancy car that is the ONLY way to feel a sense of freedom. Everytime I’m about to buy something new, I always ask myself ‘Do I really need this’? The answer is almost always no.

A little tip I can give for those of you who would like to do a Spring clean up is the following. One thing I do regularly is to declutter my stuff. I make 3 piles: to throw out, to give, to sell. If I haven’t worn or used something in the last year, I highly doubt I’ll be using it this year; it’s then useless for me so I can get rid of it. I judge which pile it belongs too and there you go! You’re not only going to realize how many objects, clothes or things in general you’ve accumulated in the past years, but you will absolutely feel a great sense of freedom, positive change and liberation after decluttering your environment. I personally love it!

So, who’s joining me for a Spring clean up?!

Coach Claudia