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Online Trainer Academy Review

I’ve been an online trainer for about 2 years and a half now and here are just a couple benefits I get to experience everyday thanks to my online business.

  • I get to travel pretty much whenever I want and still grow my business and take care of my clients while I’m away.
  • I get to keep in touch and keep helping people I meet while I travel even when I come back home
  • I get to share passion, education and inspiration on social media, my website, newsletter – all content streams I built to support my online business
  • I get to impact more people in less time
  • I get to motivate and keep my clients accountable from anywhere, anytime, so they get the best results and actually reach their health and fitness goals
  • I get to have freedom over my schedule and live a life on my terms (business around life – not the other way around!)

All of this would not be possible if I hadn’t put in consistent work, hired amazing coaches, been patient and done the ONLINE TRAINER ACADEMY course back in May 2017. This course really helped me build systems so I could be more productive and build a business on my terms that suited my wants and needs. I was able to optimize some of my systems already in place and keep everything a little more simple – while being more efficient and growing my client base. I go back to the different modules regularly to tweak a few things when I feel I hit a plateau or when I wish to impact more people. The content in the Online trainer academy manual and text books are still relevant today and will be for a long time. Because that’s exactly what it gives you: systems and thoughts process that will work in the long term – no quick fixes nor crazy promesses. And since I want to be in this online world for a lonnggggg time helping as many people as I can optimize their daily health habits, I’m super grateful for that course.

You can watch my interview about the OTA right here.

And find out all info you need about the course right here.

If you’re a fitness professional looking to grow an online business so you can impact more people, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Jon and the team are absolutely great and it’s a privilege to be part of this community!