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Some travel inspiration

I beg you to travel; as often as possible, as long as possible. You will never regret spending money or investing time on a trip, I promise! You don’t need to spend 10 000$ pour a meaningful trip; traveling IS accessible – there are SO many different ways to travel, so many destinations, ressources, adventures, possibilities.

Every new year, I have a habit of thinking about my next destinations; I put that on my goals list for the year… I encourage you to do the same and to see one new place every year. For example, in January 2008, I was in Germany. In January 2009, I was in Cuba. In January 2014, I left for Australia and I landed in Sydney. In January 2015, I was still in Australia, but on the west side in Perth. In Janvier 2016, I was in Montreal, but I promised myself that I was going to backpack in South America so I went to Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia. I also told myself that I wanted to do shorter trips to explore some places that, even though were pretty close, I had never seen before. So I went to New York, I did a road trip in the Maritimes and I visited Niagara Falls. And those are only the trips that I did in the months of January and in 2016.

All these travels were very different from one another; different goals, different travel buddies, different budget. The point here is not to make a list of every single destinations we visited to compare; the point is to realize that it is possible. If you want to get out of your city, of your routine, even for a short moment, DO IT. We all have responsabilities, a busy schedule, budget restrictions. But we can all take a risk; take a break, book a flight or buy a bus ticket.

Une de mes citations préférées est la suivante : Traveling is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer.

I couldn’t agree more! You come back from a trip enriched. Enriched of new friendships, new knowledge, with an open mind, new ideas, new passions, more ambition, new sense of wonder. Your travels allow you to recharge your batteries. They make you feel vulnerable – enough to refocus and to reconnect with yourself.

And again, a trip could be to drive an hour away to go trek in the mountains near your place. It can be to pack a luggage and book a one way ticket. It can be to leave on a roadtrip with friends. Possibilities are infinite!

Travel. Away. Towards the unknown. Outside of your comfort zone. Lose yourself. It’s the only way to actually find yourself.

Coach Claudia