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Too busy to workout? Not anymore!

Another busy day passes and … ‘I have not yet had time to train!’ …

Not easy to integrate your workouts on a daily basis, right? And yet, they are even more important during those stressful and busy days – if only to get a mental break and reenergize.

Here are 3 ways to integrate your training daily.


It’s sometimes hard to get up early to have the time to train before work, but the benefits of early morning trainings are enormous! Plan your training and office gear, sports bag, lunch, etc. the night before to use your time efficiently in the morning and have time to get moving before going to the office.


Working out in the middle of the day allows you to cut stress in half, take a mental break and regain the energy needed to complete the day afterwards. Maximize your time; prepare your sports bag and your food in advance, in order to have enough time during your lunch hour to get moving. Try to take advantage of the sports facilities at your work place if possible. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to go outside to exercise while enjoying the fresh air.


This is the perfect time to get away from work, leave your worries in the office and be able to take care of yourself physically and mentally before you go home. Again, prepare your sports bag in advance to avoid having to go home before you get to the gym or outside.


Obviously, you have to find the recipe that works for you! Some people love to train in the morning, others, less early birds prefer to train after work, while others don’t find the energy at the end of the day and optimize their lunch hour to move.

The important thing is to remember that a short training is always better than no training – and that you must focus on the intensity of the training, not on the duration. Twenty minutes at good intensity with exercises adapted to your profile and goals is often enough to feel the desired benefits.

Need to know what to do exactly to maximise your training?  Contact us today for a customized effective workout plan!

Have a good training!

Coach Claudia