Kinesiology is the science related to the practice of physical activity. The kinesiologist is therefore a health professional who specializes in physical activity, and uses movement for prevention, treatment and performance purposes.

Absolutely! At KarmaKin, we present a new approach encouraging an active lifestyle – no need to go to the gym to be fit! The training programs are all adapted to the equipment and environment available to each customer.

Not at all! Our diet plans are constructed as guides that encourage dietary habits to adopt daily. We educate our customers to make the right choices gradually, without depriving themselves, without counting calories or weighing food.

Each exercise prescribed by your coach will be presented to you via the mobile application. It includes a video and precise explanations to allow you to do your movements correctly. If you still have doubts, you can contact your coach, and he can watch your exercise virtually or analyze your movement on video.

Payments are made by credit card using the secure system Stripe.

You can cancel your contract at any time. You must send a written notice to to make your cancellation request.  It will be effective upon receipt, thus terminating all services given by KarmaKin.

If you cancel a contract before KarmaKin begins to provide services to you, then no fees or penalties will be charged. If the effective date of your termination of the package is the last day of your monthly plan, payments for the following month will be stopped and no charge or penalty will be charged. If you cancel after KarmaKin has begun to render services to you, the price of services provided and a penalty equal to the lesser of the following sums will be charged: fifty dollars ($50.00 CAD) or a sum representing not more than ten percent (10%) of the price of the services that were not rendered.

Absolutely!  You can modify your subscription in your member login on the KarmaKin website.

If you are a resident of Quebec, you can get receipts in kinesiology and naturopathy to get a refund from your insurance company.

You will receive an e-mail to grant you access to the KarmaKin platform, which is also available on cellphones. The coach uses this platform to communicate with you, plan workouts, update programs and plans, track your progress, etc.

Yes, you can easily access the platform via the website on a computer without having to download the application on a mobile.

It takes 48 to 72 hours for the coach to take note of your file and organize the initial appointment and first guidelines of the training or nutrition plan.

By email or by sending a message via the mobile application.

Schedules for appointments will be optimized and adjusted accordingly. You can also discuss the most favorable time slots with your coach during the first appointment.

You can send an email to and one of our coaches will get back to you shortly!