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Staying active no matter the season

Be honest; who took the resolution of being more active this year?! Who, after a few months of winter and rain, is seeing their motivation decreasing because of the cold and grey weather?

I get it. I’m not a fan of cold and rain either! And I have to admit; staying nice and cozy in front of the TV with a hot tea and big warm blanket sounds a lot more appealing than getting outside to fight the bad weather. But, the benefits are completely not the same!

I used to work for Cardio Plein Air and one of our slogans was: ‘There’s no bad weather; only bad clothing’! I myself stepped outside a few times these past weeks and months to go for walks and enjoy the outdoors and, I have to admit, well dressed, it does feel nice to enjoy the fresh air and clear our heads outside instead of staying stuck inside!








There is no good season to be active: good habits should stick all year round. Whether it’s to go for a walk with your pet, try a new winter sport, go for a hike in nature, every season and type of weather can bring its share of fun activities that we can do daily!

Put on your warm clothes, be safe and enjoy! Move, breathe and enjoy nature – even when it’s cold and rainy! Summer is (almost) right around the corner…

Coach Claudia