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Escaping the sedentary lifestyle

Today I feel like telling you a story. A story that is inspiring, real, full of proudness. The story of one my clients that I worked with for more than 3 years. Does the expression ‘pencil pusher’ mean anything to you? The amount of professions that require office work where you sit all day is booming and that phenomenon brings many cases of chronic pain, posture problems and a tendency to stay inactive for many professionals. That was the case for my client the first time I met him; he was describing himself as a sedentary person, a ‘pencil pusher’. He wasn’t doing any sports of physical activities, was noticing his strength and endurance getting weaker, was starting to feel physical pain and, approaching his sixties, he knew he couldn’t keep going like that any longer.

After a detailed assessment of his posture and fitness condition, he began a training and stretching program adapted to his goals, his background and his profile. Gradually, he incorporated the habit of being active into his weekly routine and was able to observe the benefits very quickly. With two workouts per week, a few nutritional and lifestyle tips, he went from “pencil pusher” to being more active, healthier, with more energy and increased productivity. After several months of training, he took on the challenge of doing a hike during one of his trips – and that was the beginning of a series of challenges that took place in several countries around the world; several mountains were climbed, several treks were accomplished, several limits were pushed.

How proud were we to see his journey from completely sedentary to achieving physical challenges that the majority of people can’t achieve. If he had not taken his physical health in hand, he wouldn’t have been able to push his limits, wouldn’t have visited all these wonderful places and wouldn’t have lived all these life experiences. All this thanks to customized and consistent daily habits.

So if you think that it’s too late, that sport is not for you, that you don’t have time to be active, that you are too old or too busy with work to take care of yourself … I am telling you that it’s POSSIBLE. It’s POSSIBLE to go from “pencil pusher” to being active, fit and healthy. That all it takes is consistency, a little patience, but most importantly, support by a qualified coach who will know exactly how to guide you step by step throughout your journey towards your new life!

KarmaKin is there for you.

Take your first step today!

Coach Claudia