I’m going through a break up.

And it sucks. Because you know when you’ve loved something or someone for SO long only to realize that you fell out of love and it […]

Online Trainer Academy Review

I’ve been an online trainer for about 2 years and a half now and here are just a couple benefits I get to experience everyday thanks […]

A planned night for a productive tomorrow

Did you know that your way of finishing the day has a huge influence on your productivity the next day ?! Indeed, actions taken in the […]

Doing what you love and Traveling the world

I am super proud and grateful to present you my very first appearance on a Podcast! I had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Alberto […]

Escaping the sedentary lifestyle

Today I feel like telling you a story. A story that is inspiring, real, full of proudness. The story of one my clients that I worked […]

Staying active no matter the season

Be honest; who took the resolution of being more active this year?! Who, after a few months of winter and rain, is seeing their motivation decreasing because of […]

Some travel inspiration

I beg you to travel; as often as possible, as long as possible. You will never regret spending money or investing time on a trip, I […]

Why I’m a big fan of minimalism

I am close to my money; I admit it. I’m the kind of person who thinks everything is too expensive, who will pick a meal at […]

Entrepreneur? Yup! Productive? Maybe not.

Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibilities, tasks to accomplish, organizational skills to put forward. It’s not unusual to feel like you could be much more productive […]

Too busy to workout? Not anymore!

Another busy day passes and … ‘I have not yet had time to train!’ … Not easy to integrate your workouts on a daily basis, right? And […]