Our mission

By providing customized coaching based on the 4 pillars of health (physical activity, nutrition, mindset & recovery), KarmaKin helps you optimize your daily health habits so you can increase your energy, improve your health and step into the best version of yourself.


« KarmaKin » ?

The name says it all: karma is associated with the belief that today’s actions will have consequences on our lives in the future. In addition, the term “kin” is on one hand a diminutive of kinesiology – the science of the body in motion, but also refers to the English term that means relative or family member. In this coaching context, KarmaKin therefore represents a community that is close to its clients and that educates them by sharing its scientific knowledge in kinesiology, but also by transmitting the importance of taking care of oneself to receive the benefits of a happier, healthier and more active life.

Our Expertise

Our coaches are certified in the field of kinesiology – the science of the human body in motion. We are health professionals who use movement through physical activity for prevention, treatment and performance. Our expertise lies in the prescription of exercises adapted to each condition and to each individual. We develop training programs tailored to each client’s background, profile and goals to optimize their physical health. We are also experts in coaching good lifestyle habits related to nutrition, stress management, overall balance of the body and the mind. We have the tools, experience and scientific knowledge to help you!

About the founder

Claudia Baillargeon B. Sc., D.E.S

Claudia Baillargeon is the perfect mix between education, experience and inspiration. Certified in kinesiology, kinesitherapy and certified as an online trainer from the Online Training Academy, Claudia has a thirst for learning that makes her always want to deepen her knowledge in the areas that she is passionate about; training, nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits leading to self-fulfillment. She accumulates a remarkable experience through her various jobs in the fields of sport and physical health. During her ten years of coaching experience, she has changed lives and inspired hundreds. She has learned from her experience and her many travels that a healthy mind in a healthy body is the key to achieving optimal wellness and overall health. Claudia supports her clients in achieving this life balance through an individualized and inspiring approach. Her mission is to continue to positively influence lives, one health at a time.