Karmakin - Un service de coaching en ligne pour les professionnels occupés visant à optimiser leur santé globale et leur performance au travail.




KarmaKin’s certified experts offer you the very best virtual coaching experience to help you keep a healthy body and a sharp mind to perform at your best everyday.

We customize our coaching in nutrition and physical training based on your profile, your reality and your goals.


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  • General assessment of your fitness level
  • Customized training program
  • 2 monthly virtual follow ups
  • Regular adjustment of training program
  • Improvement of your health and fitness
  • Access to the mobile application



  • Food diary analysis
  • Coaching and guidelines for your nutrition
  • 2 monthly virtual follow ups
  • Optimization of your daily nutrition
  • Access to the mobile application



  • General assessment of your fitness level and your food diary
  • Customized training programs and guidelines in nutrition
  • 2 monthly virtual follow ups
  • Improvement of your fitness level and your daily nutrition
  • Access to the mobile application



  • 3 months to propel your professional life
  • Customized training programs and guidelines in nutrition
  • Optimization of your productivity and energy
  • Establishment of new daily habits conducive to your success
  • Weekly virtual follow ups
  • Access to the mobile application
  • Duration : 3 months



Our mission is to guide, inspire and educate our clients in the achievement of an overall ideal health thanks to our personalized coaching in nutrition and training.

We support and help them become a better version of themselves with a healthy mind and healthy body approach, complete with effective online coaching.


  • KarmaKin is a supportive team. Each nutrition or training program is personalized and takes into account my needs. My coach really takes time to answer my questions and carefully explain my programs.Thank you Claudia!
    Nathalie Desjardins
    Elementary school teacher
  • Since I started working with Claudia for my nutrition, I not only see physical results, I also feel great and have a lot more energy to do my trainings. She does a follow up with me regularly and always gives me good advices when I am struggling or going through a harder time; she always answers my questions quickly. I am getting closer to my goal every day. I am very satisfied of my results!
    Brigitte Doiron-Sauvé
    Co-Owner construction company and figure skating coach
  • Claudia is a very competent professional with several assets. She is devoted, passionate, she has good values ​​and she knows how to adapt herself and her services to people! She is motivated and motivating! She applies her work ethic and rigor in her training to set an example and better convey her determination. She is a trainer with whom we train results!
    Catherine Chapados-Nadeau
  • If there is a person who can be trusted in physical preparation, nutrition and healthy lifestyle, it is Claudia. The knowledge and skills gained through her career make her an outstanding professional and, moreover, an inspiring coach since she adopts the lifestyle she promotes herself. To all those who trust KarmaKin, I can only congratulate you for your choice! Long live KarmaKin and your physical and mental well-being!
    Julie-Catherine Gagnon
    Kinesiologist – Project coordinator
  • Claudia is an exceptional, motivating and hardworking coach ready to help you change your lifestyle and listen to what you want to do as a change. I strongly recommend her to all of you, because she is a great coach and she will support you throughout your journey!
    Sabrina Doyle
    Special education teacher
  • Highly recommend Claudia!! Just got started on the program she created for me, perfect for my old age, frozen shoulder and time constraints!! She is professional, knowledgeable and clearly walks the talk.
    Maria Gilker
    Network marketing Professional
  • Claudia is an amazing person and extraordinarily role model for her clients! Her baggage is an exotic mixture of academic, professional and worldly experience - truly a one of a kind approach to health and fitness!
    Lori-Ann Maclellan
    Customer sales representative
  • I am a professional in finances which means my days are intensely busy, stressful and require a lot of energy. I work 90% of the time in an office; I am a lot less active than in the past. KarmaKin is a tool that forces me to put my global health in priority and I use it to do follow ups. It’s an insurance for me to stay in shape, to eat well and to get active. With Claudia’s support, I make progress and change my habits slowly for a healthy lasting lifestyle.
    Olivier Brasseur
    Financial advisor and planner
  • I reached out to Claudia when I felt I needed guidance, a plan and some support.  KarmaKin provided all that and more.  The personalized programs, the engaging KarmaKin app and the food tracker were extremely valuable to me. One of my goals was to learn how to run. Claudia created for me a personalized progressive program, taught me how to breathe and even came running with me one time to see my progression.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, she is inspiring and an overall wonderful person!!  She has equipped me with the basic foundations for long term success and a new appreciation for nutrition and exercise that will stay with me forever. Thank you Claudia for your support!!!   
    Nadia Lucadamo
    Senior business systems analyst
  • Annie Lessard
    KarmaKin is a gift to myself. I needed to take my health in my hands and Claudia is a huge help in this process. She listens to my specific needs and I love my customized programs. User friendly, stress-free but a great motivation! Bravo and thank you!!
    Annie Lessard
    Sales coordinator
  • I joined KarmaKin last July after being away from the gym for more than 2 years. To help me after all that time, my coach Claudia was conscientious with a realistic program for me to progressively get back into training. Even though I wasn’t as consistent as we had wished, I felt positive benefits right away. Claudia is super dynamic! I really appreciate the follow ups she gives me. The video calls are another kind of positive motivation that allows me to progress and keep moving forward. In terms of programming, the videos of the exercises are of excellent quality and completed with personal notes from the coach to make sure our workouts are optimized. Add to that education on health and interactions of Claudia with all participants and you will understand why success is right at your hands with KarmaKin. Don’t hesitate to join us, KarmaKin warriors, in the pursuit of your health goals!
    André Duchesneau
  • I was looking for something that would fit with my crazy schedule: lack of time and lack of awareness about my health. The KarmaKin Challenge was full of discoveries. I discovered an incredible coach who’s motivating and competent, but I mainly discovered what I am capable of when I’m well guided. The challenge allows you to be aware of where you’re at in terms of nutrition and training but also on a personal level. In 3 months, I learned to trust myself and influence people around me to respect my healthy choices. I learned what balance means in nutrition et started wanting to eat better to feel better. I changed my breakfast in the mornings and that made a whole difference in my energy throughout the day. The challenge helps you be conscious of small daily changes that you can integrate to reach your goals. The changes came from myself with Claudia’s help and I never felt destabilized during the process. I recommend the KarmaKin Challenge to everyone who needs to be more aware of what they need to improve in their life to attain a healthy balance. I recommend the challenge but mainly the coach behind the challenge: Claudia is a great coach who pushes you to be a better version of yourself physically, mentally. It’s super motivating to be coached by someone who admires you! I’m very impatient to keep going and reach more health goals!
    Valérie Lavoie