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KarmaKin’s certified experts offer you the very best virtual coaching experience to help you keep a healthy body and a sharp mind to perform at your best everyday.

We customize our coaching in nutrition and physical training based on your profile, your reality and your goals.


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  • General assessment of your health habits
  • Customized program based on priorities and goals
  • Improvement of your overall health
  • 1 or 2 monthly video calls
  • Weekly check ins
  • Access to the mobile application and exclusive content
  • Duration: minimum 3 months
  • Service reimbursed by your insurance

299$ Ă  349$ / MONTH


  • Initial deep dive and assessment of your health habits
  • Customized program to optimize all 4 pillars of health
  • Specific aesthetic or performance goal achievement
  • 2 monthly video calls
  • Weekly customized check ins
  • Access to the mobile application and exclusive content
  • Duration: minimum 6 months
  • Service reimbursed by your insurance

499$ / MONTH


  • Group program to master the fundamentals related to health
  • Nutrition protocol, training programs and mindset work
  • Weekly virtual coaching sessions and follow ups
  • Access to the mobile application and to the private Facebook group
  • Duration : 6 weeks on specific dates throughout the year
  • Service reimbursed by your insurance

299$ / 6 WEEKS


Our mission is to guide, inspire and educate our clients in the achievement of an overall optimal health thanks to our personalized and effective online coaching .

We help them optimize their daily health habits related to physical activity, nutrition, mindset and recovery to support them into becoming the best version of themselves.


  • KarmaKin is a supportive team. Each nutrition or training program is personalized and takes into account my needs. My coach really takes time to answer my questions and carefully explain my programs. Thank you Claudia!
    Nathalie Desjardins
    Elementary school teacher
  • Since I started working with Claudia for my nutrition, I not only see physical results, I also feel great and have a lot more energy to do my trainings. She does a follow up with me regularly and always gives me good advices when I am struggling or going through a harder time; she always answers my questions quickly. I am getting closer to my goal every day. I am very satisfied of my results!
    Brigitte Doiron-Sauvé
    Co-Owner construction company and figure skating coach
  • Claudia is a very competent professional with several assets. She is devoted, passionate, she has good values ​​and she knows how to adapt herself and her services to people! She is motivated and motivating! She applies her work ethic and rigor in her training to set an example and better convey her determination. She is a trainer with whom we train results!
    Catherine Chapados-Nadeau
  • If there is a person who can be trusted in physical preparation, nutrition and healthy lifestyle, it is Claudia. The knowledge and skills gained through her career make her an outstanding professional and, moreover, an inspiring coach since she adopts the lifestyle she promotes herself. To all those who trust KarmaKin, I can only congratulate you for your choice! Long live KarmaKin and your physical and mental well-being!
    Julie-Catherine Gagnon
    Kinesiologist – Project coordinator
  • Claudia is an exceptional, motivating and hardworking coach ready to help you change your lifestyle and listen to what you want to do as a change. I strongly recommend her to all of you, because she is a great coach and she will support you throughout your journey!
    Sabrina Doyle
    Special education teacher
  • Highly recommend Claudia!! Just got started on the program she created for me, perfect for my old age, frozen shoulder and time constraints!! She is professional, knowledgeable and clearly walks the talk.
    Maria Gilker
    Network marketing Professional
  • Claudia is an amazing person and extraordinarily role model for her clients! Her baggage is an exotic mixture of academic, professional and worldly experience - truly a one of a kind approach to health and fitness!
    Lori-Ann Maclellan
    Customer sales representative
  • I am a professional in finances which means my days are intensely busy, stressful and require a lot of energy. I work 90% of the time in an office; I am a lot less active than in the past. KarmaKin is a tool that forces me to put my global health in priority and I use it to do follow ups. It’s an insurance for me to stay in shape, to eat well and to get active. With Claudia’s support, I make progress and change my habits slowly for a healthy lasting lifestyle.
    Olivier Brasseur
    Financial advisor and planner
  • I reached out to Claudia when I felt I needed guidance, a plan and some support.  KarmaKin provided all that and more.  The personalized programs, the engaging KarmaKin app and the food tracker were extremely valuable to me. One of my goals was to learn how to run. Claudia created for me a personalized progressive program, taught me how to breathe and even came running with me one time to see my progression.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, she is inspiring and an overall wonderful person!!  She has equipped me with the basic foundations for long term success and a new appreciation for nutrition and exercise that will stay with me forever. Thank you Claudia for your support!!!   
    Nadia Lucadamo
    Senior business systems analyst
  • Annie Lessard
    KarmaKin is a gift to myself. I needed to take my health in my hands and Claudia is a huge help in this process. She listens to my specific needs and I love my customized programs. User friendly, stress-free but a great motivation! Bravo and thank you!!
    Annie Lessard
    Sales coordinator
  • Très professionnelle et très Ă  l'Ă©coute de nos besoins; super concept de training et de suivi alimentaire par internet. Je recommande Ă  tout le monde qui veut se prendre en mains. Claudia est une personne passionnĂ©e ce qui fait que vous ne serez pas déçus!
    Nancy Kane
  • Claudia est toujours lĂ  pour nous supporter et rĂ©pondre Ă  nos besoins. Elle s’adapte très bien Ă  toutes les styles de personnes et de dĂ©fis qui se prĂ©sentent Ă  elle! Ton concept est gĂ©nial!
    Karine Ouimet
  • Alain Desmarais
    Grâce à KarmaKin et à Coach Claudia, j’ai trouvé un entraînement ciblé, adapté à ma réalité physique et à mon emploi du temps. Toujours à l’écoute et prête à trouver des solutions pour me permettre de réussir, elle est aussi une excellente motivatrice qui m’aide à m’entraîner de façon régulière malgré le peu de temps libre dans mon horaire.
    Alain Desmarais
  • Claudia, c'est notre inspiration Ă  continuer l'entrainement. Elle est Ă  l'Ă©coute de nos besoins en adaptant chacun des programmes Ă  nos objectifs et nos petits bobos. Claudia est suuuuper accessible, que ce soit par courriel, sur son site web ou par vidĂ©o. C'est comme si elle Ă©tait chez nous! Aussi, j'adore son appli qui est super simple Ă  utiliser. Merci Claudia!
    Maxime Gousse
  • I joined KarmaKin last July after being away from the gym for more than 2 years. To help me after all that time, my coach Claudia was conscientious with a realistic program for me to progressively get back into training. Even though I wasn’t as consistent as we had wished, I felt positive benefits right away. Claudia is super dynamic! I really appreciate the follow ups she gives me. The video calls are another kind of positive motivation that allows me to progress and keep moving forward. In terms of programming, the videos of the exercises are of excellent quality and completed with personal notes from the coach to make sure our workouts are optimized. Add to that education on health and interactions of Claudia with all participants and you will understand why success is right at your hands with KarmaKin. Don’t hesitate to join us, KarmaKin warriors, in the pursuit of your health goals!
    André Duchesneau
  • I was looking for something that would fit with my crazy schedule: lack of time and lack of awareness about my health. The KarmaKin Challenge was full of discoveries. I discovered an incredible coach who’s motivating and competent, but I mainly discovered what I am capable of when I’m well guided. The challenge allows you to be aware of where you’re at in terms of nutrition and training but also on a personal level. In 3 months, I learned to trust myself and influence people around me to respect my healthy choices. I learned what balance means in nutrition et started wanting to eat better to feel better. I changed my breakfast in the mornings and that made a whole difference in my energy throughout the day. The challenge helps you be conscious of small daily changes that you can integrate to reach your goals. The changes came from myself with Claudia’s help and I never felt destabilized during the process. I recommend the KarmaKin Challenge to everyone who needs to be more aware of what they need to improve in their life to attain a healthy balance. I recommend the challenge but mainly the coach behind the challenge: Claudia is a great coach who pushes you to be a better version of yourself physically, mentally. It’s super motivating to be coached by someone who admires you! I’m very impatient to keep going and reach more health goals!
    Valérie Lavoie
  • Quand je suis revenue au travail après mon congĂ© de maternitĂ©, j’avais l’impression de me faire complètement aspirer par le train-train quotidien. J’étais souvent fatiguĂ©e donc, consĂ©quemment, pas nĂ©cessairement au top de ma motivation au travail. Le point le plus important : je ne prenais plus le temps de faire LA chose vraiment primordiale pour mon Ă©quilibre mental : du sport ! Grâce Ă  KarmaKin, j'ai optimisĂ© ma nutrition, rĂ©intĂ©grĂ© un entrainement de course, mise en place des trucs pour mieux gĂ©rer mon temps, intĂ©grĂ© des exercices de respiration et mĂ©ditation afin de pouvoir faire le vide mental, fait le bilan de ma vie professionnelle et Ă©tabli des stratĂ©gies prĂ©cises et efficaces pour l'optimiser et avoir plus de succès et d'Ă©panouissement au travail. J’ai aussi retrouvĂ© du temps dans mes journĂ©es pour prendre soin de moi et de ma santĂ© et, sortir du cercle vicieux sans Ă©nergie dans lequel je me trouvais depuis plusieurs mois. Claudia Baillargeon, c'est vraiment une coach impliquĂ©e dans l'atteinte de mes objectifs. Elle est PASSIONNÉE par ce qu'elle fait, elle est TRAVAILLANTE, INSPIRANTE ET VRAIMENT MOTIVANTE!
    Pascale Dupuis
  • Coach Claudia est une coach très inspirante. Elle nous suit quotidiennement et elle prend le temps de rĂ©pondre Ă  toutes nos questions. Elle est très professionnelle et elle a Ă©normĂ©ment de connaissances sur pleins de sujets diffĂ©rents reliĂ©s aux saines habitudes de vie. De plus, notre suivi ne se limite pas seulement Ă  l’entrainement et Ă  la nutrition, mais bien Ă  incorporer des habitudes saines dans un corps sain! Grâce Ă  KarmaKin, j'ai de meilleurs habitudes de vie et plus de connaissances concernant mon alimentation, ce qui m'a amenĂ© une perte de poids et une meilleure estime de moi. Merci Claudia pour ton dĂ©vouement et ta motivation!'
    Kelly-Ann Sarault
  • J'ai dĂ©cidĂ© de me joindre au mouvement KarmaKin pour reprendre le dessus sur ma vie, sur mon anxiĂ©tĂ© qui me rongeait de l'intĂ©rieur! Les services offerts par Claudia Ă©taient adaptĂ©s Ă  mes besoins, mes attentes et ma condition physique. Je pouvais suivre mon rythme pour retrouver ma passion pour l'activitĂ© physique. Avec le suivi rĂ©gulier effectuĂ© par Claudia, j'ai de nouveau un mode de vie sain et actif, dans lequel l'anxiĂ©tĂ© n'a plus sa place!!
    Vickie Courchesne
  • J'ai fait le dĂ©fi avec la coach Claudia Baillargeon et j'ai vraiment apprĂ©ciĂ© cette expĂ©rience! On apprend au fil des semaines les Ă©lĂ©ments importants de la nutrition santĂ©.  Ă€ chaque semaine, un nouveau dĂ©fi qui permet de prendre une saine habitude alimentaire.  Un suivi Ă©troit nous donne l'opportunitĂ© d'acquĂ©rir des connaissances ou de corriger notre alimentation.  J'ai acquis de très bonnes connaissances et habitudes, je vous recommande sincèrement ce dĂ©fi!
    Solange Boucher
  • When I started working with Claudia, the initial goal was to get rid of my hypoglycemic episodes after sport, gain more energy and help me recover faster. It ended up being so much more than that. I know how to give my body what it needs to function, to be energized and I now understand what hides behind my cravings. I also understand how intertwined health habits are. Another plus is that I lowered my body fat %! But really, what matters is that I just feel so much better in my body and I understand it much better. This process was definitely life changing!
    Myriam Saindon
  • J’ai dĂ©butĂ© l’aventure KarmaKin en janvier 2018. Avec l’aide de Claudia, j’ai pu optimiser ma nutrition en prenant en compte mes restrictions alimentaires. Aujourd’hui, je mange bien sans avoir l’impression de faire un rĂ©gime et je ne vis plus (ou presque) d’inconforts après les repas. Quelle dĂ©livrance! J’ai aussi rĂ©intĂ©grĂ© graduellement l’activitĂ© physique dans mon quotidien, ce qui a eu un impact considĂ©rable sur mon niveau d’énergie. Claudia est un Ă©lĂ©ment indispensable dans ma vie. Nos Ă©changes sont toujours constructifs et sans jugement. Merci pour ton aide Claudia!
    Karine Chevrier
  • Claudia inspired me and taught me that eating healthy is not about constantly restraining yourself from the foods you love, but having it in moderation to live a happier, and more balanced lifestyle! She also showed me new workouts that were like a breath of fresh air, and I not only saw a physical difference, but I also was able to see a mental difference. I am so grateful for Claudia teaching me how to have a good relationship with food, and how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle that I will be able to continue for the rest of my life!
    Jaimie Laventure
  • J’ai dĂ©cidĂ© de me joindre Ă  KarmaKin, car le concept de m’entrainer chez moi venait me rejoindre. J’étais abonnĂ©e dans un gym, mais ma motivation de m’y rendre n’y Ă©tait plus. Aussi le fait d’attendre après les Ă©quipements et me rendre en voiture me faisait perdre beaucoup de temps et allongeait le temps de mes entrainements. J’adore le concept avec Claudia, car elle Ă©tablit des programmes vraiment Ă  mon image. Je peux les faire dans mon sous-sol, dehors, dans mon bureau et puisque je suis beaucoup sur la route, les petits entrainements que Claudia me donne que je peux faire dans ma chambre d’hĂ´tel aident beaucoup. Elle est toujours Ă  mon Ă©coute, me motive et le fait de voir mes entrainements directement dans mon calendrier me pousse Ă  les faire. Merci coach Claudia!
    Andrée Coursol
  • Laetitia Sellam
    Claudia est inspirante car elle est convaincue de ce qu'elle transmet et en devient très motivante ! Le coaching KarmaKin est adapté à la vie quotidienne de chacun. Grâce à Claudia, je ressens un meilleur tonus, une meilleure musculature et une amélioration de ma circulation sanguine. Merci pour ton soutien qui aide ma persévérance! 
    Laetitia Sellam